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Bamvuganumva Claudine
Bamvuganumva Claudine Family

Bamvuganumva Claudine Family

From Musanze district, Cyuve sector, Migyeshi cell said: “Before getting BBOXX Solar system, I was afraid to cook outside the house at night, I had to wait for my husband to come home. Now I can cook at any time of the day or the night. My children can take a shower at night after playing. I am glad I have finally been
able to save the money that I used to spend on candles. I now use that money to contribute to the “womens’
association of my village.”

Ntamuhanga Innocent
Ntamuhanga Innocent

Ntamuhanga Innocent

Living in Gacaca sector proudly said: “We relied much on torches and kerosene lamps. My kids were not used to watch TV, I used to walk around trying to ind a place where I could charge my phone!Ever since we started using the BBOXX solar system we have unlimited light. So peeling potatoes at night is no longer a problem. The kids also enjoy watching TV and listening to the radio. We watch the news from all over the world. I’m glad that I can now charge my phone from home.”

Niyonzima emmanuel
Niyitanga Emelita

Niyitanga Emelita

My name is Niyonzima emmanuel, studies in primary 2 at Ecole primaire Gakoro. Ever since my parents bought a BBOXX solar home system, I am able not only to study at night, but also cook and wash dishes. I was very happy when I heard that BBOXX lights come with a TV. When I started watching TV, I came to know the names of many of our ministers and learned many things on what happens in foreign